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Welcome to my sandwich world!
The "sandwich" technique consists in mixing two or several of my original photography. The rule is that pictures are generally taken at the same place & time so to have a certain harmony in color, pattern and style.
Pictures are printed on limited numbers of canvas (3 or 5 depending on the picture) that are signed. I have also prints on paper, aluminium and plexiglass in format A4, A3 or larger. I can also help with framing the paper pictures with passepartout,

Bon appetit!
Jean Schweitzer.
Five hundred sixHouseJealousLaboca streetTango tangoHannoudLebanon 104SantiagoSony sunnyTrabipeaceWalkingCirque  geometriqueDans le murDemolition breakLe vélo roseMais ou est ChangVélo muralBotanic wall1Botanic wall2Décadence florale