Editorial Use Only? Commercial use?


For some pictures we don't have the permission of the people in the photo to (no model release), nor we have the permission of the house owner, car manufacturers etc... to use their belonging/logo, etc on our pictures (no property release).

So images that are marked as “editorial use only” are ones that have not been released for commercial use and have also been taken without the consent of the individuals in the photo. You may not use the photo for commercial purpose and generates sales from a brochure, an Internet portal, a Tshirt print, etc....

However there are mediums where you can use “editorial use only” images like

  • Newspapers,
  • Information material (non commercial) 
  • Other non-commercial applications.

So it is important to review your license agreement to make sure that all necessary rights,  permissions have been required for reproduction of any image you intend to use.

Ask us if you have any doubt or question.


Birkeroed lakeBirkeroed lakeLake in denmark at sunset